5-7 of January 2018 Initiation in Tantra with Ronald Fuchs (lease)

5-7 of January 2018 Initiation in Tantra with Ronald Fuchs (lease)

A greater connection to the essence of the human being ...
This is Tantra. Without deviation, without mistakes.

Through ancient techniques, this powerful life philosophy
It gives the disciple a deep level of self-knowledge,
that not only reaches your body but especially your heart.

Welcome (a) to this
journey of self-discovery!

themes initiation:

The three major keys Tantra: Breathing, movement, and expression through voice.
The Chakras: centers of energy and consciousness in the body. Tools and practices.
Mantras for the awakening of consciousness.
The sacred muscle and its importance in energy transmutation. Practices.
Shiva-Shakti, God and the inner goddess.
Initiation "Daka-Dakini." Healing and openness to love in Tantra.
The expansion of kundalini energy in the body and the expansion of consciousness.
Puja: ritual recognition, honor and worship the divine in every man and woman
The dance of male and female Bible.

For women: the Goddess awakening and the eternal feminine
For men: the connection to Shiva and the eternal male
Celebration - Transformation - Empowerment!

Ronald Fuchs is an instructor and trainer Tantra and Renaissance,
recognized internationally. With over 37 years of experience,
gives courses, lectures and seminars around the world, having
visited more than 10 countries. His career with the Tantra begins in
1981 enrolled at the school founded by Margot Anand. He was co-director in
Londres do Loving Relantionships Training, fundado por Sondra Ray.
Graduated in 2002 na Source School of Tantra of Hawaii, the masters
Charles and Caroline Muir. Currently teaches his own school,
Amrita Tantra.