box_gruposReceiving groups
Originally created as a Therapeutic Centre for receiving societies, the Inn Spa Prana Lorien has the ideal space for performing experiences, courses, workshops and lectures. We offer programs for companies in their incentive travel, as we have made our facilities, services and activities for groups to conduct meetings in the midst of nature.
Just 50 minutes of Belo Horizonte, with different spaces in a green area of ​​16.000m², receive small and medium-sized groups of up to 26 people.
Given so, different areas and purpose of meetings.

Outsourcing services and facilities:
Daily rates for groups
Lodging, breakfast, lunch with dessert, dinner with starters, soups and broths at night and 2 coffee-brake. Use the Finnish sauna and other facilities: indoor practices, grassy field for outdoor practices, basketball, networks to rest in the woods, reading room.

The rates may get discounts differentiated according to the schedule, period and frequency in which they will be carried out the events. The Prana Lorien offers therapeutic services at different price points for the group.

We commit to serve a balanced diet, tasty and quality. Our egg-dairy-vegetarian menu includes whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fresh fruit. The dishes are varied and in perfect combination. Made with organically grown products in our space and the region. Juices, jams, jellies, breads, cakes, cookies, salads, green rice, souffles, lasagne, baked meatballs, gratins.
All with an international flair and flavour! We are open to suggestions and proposals for partnerships.