In our mountains breathes one of the best air in the world, providing a suitable environment for our activities and practices of deep pleasure that provide moments where we discovered new ways to awaken the silence, the stillness, balance and joy.

The Spa Prana Lorien beyond the special programs during the year (concerts, musicals and manual activities, courses, retreats and other experiential activities) regularly offers:

  • Yoga classes and meditation;
  • Finnish sauna;
  • Therapeutic baths with essential oils (soapstone Ofuro) — query for the choice of your recipe and a bath in the tub of soapstone. Has profound effects; causing the skin and the brain (through the nose) send nerve impulses to the inner part of the body, modifying psychic, emotional, spiritual States and organic.
  • Reiki and acupuncture
  • Query and manipulation of Bach;
  • relaxing massage and hot stone
  • Hiking and eco-tours;
  • Visits at waterfalls in the region under our guidance or guide;
  • Bird-watching