About Prana Lorien



Pousada Spa Prana Lorien, born from the mission of forming a space to learn, teach, or just… enjoy!

Our team is mostly local residents who participate and believe in our goal to promote and foster activities that increase physical, emotional and spiritual balance for our guests as well as for themselves.

Our partners, therapists, artists, and multipliers share the same intention, offering, valuing and encouraging the creation of a rich program: musical performances, dances, theater, performances, playful workshops and experiential lectures on self-knowledge, health and the promotion of joy in. all your expressions.

Common values ​​for the whole team: respect for differences, cooperation, honesty, positivity, generosity and good humor!

Pousada Spa Prana Lorien’s founder, therapist, and manager, Isabelle Rochany, began her journey at age 17. It was the 80’s, the moment of alternative culture in Brazil and in the world.

The creator, therapist and manager of the Prana Lorien, Isabelle Rochany began her journey at age 17. It was the 80s, when the alternative culture in Brazil and worldwide began.

From restless spirit, studying anthropology at UFRJ,  she felt the need to experience new cultures and different social organizations.  She locked her study at the university and began to travel in her country, living in several indigeans villages from  Amazon to Araguaia, and along the coast and inland.

At age 20 she finished her trips in Brazil, crossed the border and began to learn about other cultures and countries like Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and some in Europe. At 37, back to Brazil, she settled in San Antonio for do Leite and began the formation of this space, today Prana Lorien. In parallel, began a new stage of travel in North America and Asia, taking courses, workshops and retreats, beginning his training as a therapist properly speaking.

Today Isabelle is a yoga teacher, Bach flower therapist, Reiki theraphist and currently studies aromatherapy, continuing the ongoing process to her knowledge.