Activity and Leisure

Spa Prana Lorien


Therapeutic baths with essential oils (tub in “soapstone”)
They have profound effects, causing the skin and brain (by smell) send nerve impulses into the body, changing the mental, emotional, spiritual and organic.

In our mountains we breathe an air of the best in the world, providingan appropriate environment for our activities and practices of deep leasure. The Prana Lorien Hotel Spa offers:

  • Yoga classes and meditation;
  • Finnish sauna;

  • Reiki – Channeling Reiki universal energy through the laying on of hands to restore balance vital energy of the receptor and thus restore the natural equilibrium state, whether emotional, physical or spiritual. Can eliminate disease and promote health. Improve the functioning of organs and the immune system.
  • Consultation and manipulation of Bach Flowers – Flower essences are liquid extracts, highly concentrated natural flowers, plants and shrubs, which are intended to balance the emotional problems. They operate on subtle vibrational levels, harmonizing the person in the environment they live. The goal of treatment floral, is balancing the emotions of the patient in finding a full awareness of their inner and outer world. Indicated in the treatment of chronic and acute disorders and also as a preventive treatment.
  • Massage – Relaxing massage designed to restore the flow of vital energy in the energy channels. It balances the blood circulation, breathing and vital energy. Brings several benefits, such as body awareness, deep relaxation, relieves stress, among others.
  • • Grassy field for volleyball, badminton, and outdoor practices;
  • Hiking and eco tours;
  • Visiting the waterfalls of the region under our guidance or guide;
  • Bird-watching.

*Consultation for the choice of scents and immersion baths in tub soapstone.

Stay with us and enjoy the activities!