Cuisine and food



We pledge to serve a balanced diet quality, and very tasty!


The Prana Lorien Spa is not directed to a specific aesthetic. But our balanced diet can cause weight loss. Result of better digestion, combined with exercises and therapeutic activities that are part of our daily attention and therapeutic care that we offer.

Varied menus and in perfect combination with an international twist of flavors and spices!

To start the day, some treats:

  • Coffee, tea and milk;
  • Natural fruit juices (strawberry, orange, pineapple with mint, raspberry, papaya and orange among others);
  • Fruit salad and fruit piece;
  • Whole grain bread, cookies, yogurt, jams and cheese bread production itself;
  • Granola;
  • Cakes (banana, orange and candied fruit, jabuticaba- wild fruit , carrots with chocolate syrup, apple, yogurt and chocolate cake) also own production.

The cold nights can be heated with delicious soups and accompanied by fine wines.
Our entries:

  • eggplant;
  • Humus;
  • Pasta with tomato dry pink pepper.

Our soups and broths:

  • Cream of carrot with yogurt;
  • leek soup;
  • Cassava Soup Oriental;
  • Creamed corn with basil;
  • Cream of pea;
  • Lentil soup spring;
  • bean soup with spinach;
  • broth green, and others.

Menu a la carte
In the varied menu of unique dishes, resulting from the combination of flavors and aromas national and international, to savor the place, landscape, music, environment and company!

We offer:
• Salads (coming from its own organic garden);
• lasagna;
• Spaghettis;
• kebab oven;
• Omelet mushroom,
• cauliflower meatballs stuffed with cheese,
• And other wonderful options.

Stay with us and enjoy our delicious food!