Cuisine and food



We pledge to serve a balanced diet quality, and very tasty!

At Prana Lorien, we use the Spa concept as a wellness center, considering the human being holistically, that is, in its entirety. It is not directed to aesthetics specifically. But our balanced diet can cause weight loss. Result of better digestion, combined with exercises and therapeutic activities that are part of our daily attention and therapeutic care that we offer.

To start your day, we offer a variety of healthy delights!

      • Coffee, tea and milk;
      • Natural fruit juices (strawberry, orange, pineapple with mint, raspberry, papaya and orange among others);
      • Fruit salad and fruit piece;
      • Whole grain bread, cookies, yogurt, jams and cheese bread production itself;
      • Granola;
      • Cakes (banana, orange and candied fruit, jabuticaba- wild fruit, carrots with chocolate syrup, apple, yogurt and chocolate cake) also own production.

Cold nights can be heated with delicious broths and soups accompanied by fine wines.

The menu varies by season, including organic and locally produced food.

Our vegetarian dairy egg cuisine strolls through various cultures, creating varied and perfectly matched meals with a special international touch of aromas and species.

Vegan foods and gluten free and lactose free options are present.

Check out some options:

      • Eggplant and Humus entree;
      • Dried tomato paste with pink pepper, herbs, etc;
      • Delicious soups, creams and broths.

We also serve a la carte dishes and a varied menu with unique dishes, resulting from the combination of national and international flavors and aromas, for you to taste the place, the landscape, the music, the environment and the company!

Stay with us and enjoy our delicious food!