We value for


Part of our work is to hire and train local labor as a ay of integration and participation in the social-economic development of our region.

It is our intention to use only clean energy such as solar to heat water, this system is now partially implemented.

Sustainability practices:

  • Harvest for reforestation and our gardens;
  • Recycling and processing of our organic waste;
  • Construction only with reforestation wood and wood from demolition;
  • Organic Garden;
  • Pruning, sweeping the yard and woods, the chicken manure and organic waste;
  • Creation of Californian worms for humus production;
  • Creation of chicken eggs for consumption;
  • Use of locally produced food.

The Prana Lorien is projected through the Sustainable Tourism with commitments and actions aimed at environmental preservation, appreciation of local culture thus seeking to contribute to the consolidation of tourism in San Antonio do Leite.

Stay with us and come and enjoy nature!