Santo Antônio do Leite

The City and Region

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The Prana Lorien is located in Santo Antonio do Leite, District of Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais.

Strategically placed between several colonial cities of the gold cycle, distant 25 km from Ouro Preto and 90km from the capital Belo Horizonte, in the road between these two cities.

It is located 1000 meters from sea level, has a pleasant climate and healthy, without great extremes of temperature, both winter and summer, promoting longevity.

It belongs to the “Estrada Real” route linking towns and colonial cities that tell the story of the golden age through its architecture, mountains and beautiful waterfalls.

Taking as a starting point Prana Lorien, you can visit Ouro Preto, Mariana, Lavras Novas, Sao Bartholomeu, Salto, the San Gonzalo Bação … etc. These places only as an example of neighbors within a radius of only 30km.

The city of


The foundation of Santo Antonio de Leite dates from 1750, when a priest Bananal built the farm and began dairy farming in the region.

Subsequently erected a chapel for Santo Antonio, which became the town’s patron.

Thus giving rise to the name Santo Antonio do Leite.

In the late 70’s came to this small town the first artisans. It was time for the “Alternative Culture”.

Brazil, like other countries in the world, has had several outbreaks of this movement, receiving people who came together to form this new way of life.

Santo Antonio do Leite by chance received mostly artisans of metal, which built over the years, its national and international reference in the production of silver jewelry and gemstones in Brazil and the world.

Santo Antonio do Leite is now a peaceful and friendly village. With multicultural legacy of the merger of the local culture with several countries and states in Brazil and the world, brought about by these artists who still continue to arrive.