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08-10 December: The Path of Success (lease)

A new edition of the workshop success Way ....

17 to 19 November 2017 - Renaissance in the Mountains (Rental)

Everything that breathes lives, and all that lives up ...

13-15 October, Yoga and music in Immersion Musical!

Yoga and Music: the rhythm of the body, the melody ...


The owner is kind and receptive, direct contact with nature. Breakfast great, with natural breads.
The Inn, charming and cozy, with quality services. Especially the kindness and attention of the staff and for the delicious gastronomy, with dishes very well assembled. Excellent cost-benefit ratio.
I like healthy eating, school of Yoga and Tai Chi. I love the bath, relaxing massage, sauna. I liked also the vegetarian food and the beautiful views.
The eh food so good you don't even miss the meat. Yoga class, bath and massage were great!